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Friday, September 9, 2011

September 3in30 Week 2

How did I do? Well, with a holiday one day and then daddy home for three of the other days we only had one normal day so not very well...We LOVE having daddy home. It's just that when he is home we spend time with him and not on our regular activities.

1. Start Mikah's new home program.
We started masking. We did one mask, one day...I have been trying to figure out where to set up Mikah's inclined floor and patterning table again. Does that count? This should definately improve next week with a normal week to work in. A good friend of mine is also coming over to help me setup some things like his reading program.

2. Restart school.
Well, this kind of had the same false start as the masking. We did one whole day and then the rest of the week daddy was home and daddy is much more exciting than school. :) We did finish up our science lesson and will be ready to move into the next chapter on muscles next week.

3. Practice Eucharisteo daily.
This went the best out of everything. I made a point to take note of several gifts each day. My list is growing and my attitude was better.

Hopefully next week will be better.

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