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Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3in30 Goals

Starting something new...besides this blog. It is called The 3in30 Challenge. Basically you set 3 goals to reach for in the next 30 days. Each month you start over with 3 new goals. It is a way to eat the elephant "one bite at a time". Since I have been overwhelmed recently with all the "things" rolling around in my head that need done, I thought it would be helpful.

My 3in30 goals for July:

Fill out and submit Mikah's paperwork to the Institutes.

Somehow, this has not been done in the past year. I am embarassed about this, beat myself up and generally just don't understand myself. That being said, feeling guilty is not going to get it done. This will be tackled 15 minutes each day.

Organize homeschool shelves, materials, and paper work.

I have declared July our “get ready to get back to school” month. The plan is to start school August 1. This is the first year I actually have to submit paperwork to the school system and I have much to do to get ready for us to start on that day!

Weight loss goal for the month ~ Continue Jazzercise and cut back on sugar, especially chocolate.

I have been struggling with my weight since having Mikah. It is affecting decisions that my hubby and I want to make for our family, I am sure it is affecting my health, although I appear healthy right now and it is affecting my energy level as far as being the wife, mom and keeper of my home that I feel I should be. I am considering cutting out chocolate altogether since I can't seem to have just a little bit/ Each little bit turns into a whole chocolate bar or 5 cookies instead of one. This will be my hardest goal to meet and continue.

That’s my three goals for the month. If you would like to join too, visit here to learn more about it and link up!


  1. Hi Michelle! Welcome to the 3 in 30 Challenge! Weight loss is tough for everyone. Chocolate is my weakness as well! Good luck with your goals and know that sticking with the weight loss will be worth it in the end!

  2. Hi Michelle. Great Goals. I know what it is like to get stuck under that paperwork we should be doing, but then get overwhelmed in the details. Praying for you to get through your goals successfully. Just do a little at a time and don't get defeated by set backs.

  3. Welcome and yes....having those babies changes everything, doesn't it! The great thing about 3in30 is the amazing women who encourage us...and help us move forward. Take those baby steps...they'll take care of those goals...those tasks we put off! Keep u the GREAT work!

  4. YOU CAN DO IT! Jesus' unlimited resources are available to you - strengthening you in your inner spirt. Eph 3:15

  5. Great job! Best wishes on your start. I also started doing this in July! I look forward to seeing your progress and hearing about it!

  6. You can do this!! I'm so glad that you've joined the 3in30 challenge :) We are quite the encouraging bunch!