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Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 3in30 Week 2

My 3in30 goals for July Week 2:

1. Fill out and submit Mikah's paperwork to the Institutes.

This has been something following me around for over a year! I finished filling out the last form not 24 hours after my first 3in30 post!! Somehow, putting it as my number one goal for the month made it okay for me to sit down and concentrate and get it done! I am so excited. My goal for this week will be to take it to the post office and mail it out.

2. Organize homeschool shelves, materials, and paper work.

This is going well. I was not at all excited about doing this but I have found some really great articles and other fellow homeschool mom blogs like Sam's and my enthusiasm is back. I ordered a new planner, The Well Planned Day and I am loving it! I also found my new favorite pens in the whole world! Frixion pens! They erase! Love them! I will be finishing typing up our letter of intent this week which we will mail August 15th.

3. Weight loss goal for the month ~ Continue Jazzercise and cut back on sugar, especially chocolate.

This is going great! I had a great week last week and lost 3lbs! I went to Jazzercise 5 days in a row in an effort to "shock my body" as I have been stuck at a certain weight for about 3 weeks. It was really discouraging me. This week I will be doing a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Jazzercise schedule. I will also be going without CHOCOLATE...I have asked a couple other people not in the blogosphere to keep me accountable on that one :)

To hop in or check how everyone else is doing, link up over here.

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  1. Thank you, Michelle for leaving a comment for me.

    Congrats! on getting your son's paper work filled and for losing 3 lbs! ;-)

    I should have picked organizing our homeschool room this month, but in the words of Flylady, "You can't organize clutter!" So, for now I'm stuck de-cluttering! *sigh* But maybe by the time it's my turn you'll have some pics! ;-)

    Have a blessed week!