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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 3in30

In following my word for 2012, I will be rejoining in the 3in30 weekly accountability.

My 3in30 goals for January:

1. Take cod liver oil daily.

Okay, so I know some people will be turning up their noses. But really the health benefits of this stinky oil are amazing. I really feel this is something that will help me be healthy and have the energy to be diligent.

2. Fill my water bottle 5 times each day and drink the water.

Again, something I feel is important for my body, energy and health. For those that know me you may be laughing since I am almost always seen carrying my water bottle but for some reason the past couple of months I have not been drinking much water each day. I can tell. My body doesn't like it. So here it is as a goal for January.

3. Be diligent in completing the 31 Days to Clean book with Joyful Mothering.

I tried to do this when Christin held the challenge in 2011 and couldn't. This time she is going at a slower pace, doing 2-3 chapters/tasks each week. My house really needs a good purging and cleaning and I really need start a new habit of being diligent with my homemaking skills.

If you would like to join in click here.
3in30 I'm In!!

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  1. Good luck - those are great goals - and I have to admit I did cringe a bit at the cod liver oil :)