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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Spaces

I couldn't be more thrilled. Are house is trashed, more than usual. Things are everywhere and several rooms are in a state of disarray. No, that is not exactly what I am thrilled about. :) I do prefer cleanliness and order. Things are somewhat upside down at the moment due to a couple new spaces.

One is a little closet that has been collecting sewing and crafting odds and ends for about 5 years now. The other I will post pictures in a later post, maybe next week?
So how about the closet...I gutted it, painted it and my wonderful husband installed some shelves. He is still working on a new door and then it will be completed. At the moment the some of the contents of the closet are out and about, mostly in neat piles. Want to see?
*Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a professional or semi-professional photographer. They all seem to come out orangey. Oh, well. This is what you get. :)

I forgot to take a picture of just the painted without all the crafting goodness. If you can't tell from the next picture I painted the inside a fun blue. We have a large area rug in the room and I tried to pull some of the blue out. I know you will only see it when you open the closet! But it makes me smile just knowing the little surprise that awaits behind the door. Here is the in-progress after.
Now, to see if I can figure out a side-by-side view... (well, in my preview it is side-by-side...)

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